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Triennale Art
& Dunkerque
Triennale Art & Industrie Dunkerque Hauts–de–France

Tiphaine Calmettes

1988, Campagne Aixoise, France

The residency offered to Tiphaine Calmettes by the Fab Lab involves developing regular workshops and producing a work in situ, which will then be showcased as part of the Triennale and its public art trails. In Tétéghem, between a collective housing estate currently being demolished and rebuilt, an ESAT, a nursing home and a road leading to a landfill site, the artist is thinking about how to create and put herself at the service of a community.

In thinking about how to link these spaces, which are used by very different people, she invites users to take their spaces back into their own hands, to produce their own tools, while defining a unique aesthetic that changes relationships and uses, and involves employees. Her landscaping work resonates with the issues of biodiversity, citizenship, art and culture, in a living environment that combines a neighbourhood undergoing demolition and reconstruction and private property belonging to the Papillons Blancs association in Dunkirk.

This project is supported by the Syndex Corporate Foundation, as part of the Fab Lab Effet Papillon project, run by the Papillons Blancs, the ESAT (Etablissement de service d’aide par le travail), the FAM (Foyer d’accueil médicalisé) and the SAJ (Service d’accueil de jour) in Téteghem, together with a number of partners: Territoire Europe, ULCO, CUD, Ville de Téteghem, Conseil Citoyen de Téteghem, Collectif En Rue, Saprophytes, TILT, Fondation Carasso.