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Triennale Art
& Dunkerque
Triennale Art & Industrie Dunkerque Hauts–de–France

November 14, 2023 @ 8h00 17h00

As part of the Résonance film screenings at the Art & Industrie 2023 Triennial, the Maison d’Arrêt Lille-Sequedin is screening the film No Ricordo Il Titulo by Christelle Lheureux as part of Le souffle, l’air et l’eau.

Christelle Lheureux, No ricordo il titulo, 2009, 50′.

Marcello Mastroianni is walking through volcanic dust. He is smoking. He looks out at the sea.
The volcano explodes. The trees are burnt by the lava.
We are in Stromboli, in 1951, with Rossellini’s ghost.
Ingrid Bergman climbs the volcano. The sulphurous smoke makes her cough.
No, it’s her ghost who’s coughing. I can’t remember.
Ingrid wakes up on the edge of the crater and sees Marcello pass by in the smoke.
Yes, she can see him.
Then he disappears in the smoke.