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Triennale Art
& Dunkerque
Triennale Art & Industrie Dunkerque Hauts–de–France

Lieu : Le Relais des Moëres / Les Papillons Blancs

4 Rue Charles Nova, 59229 Téteghem-Coudekerque-Village, France

Téléphone :

03 28 58 73 69

Horaires :

Du lundi au vendredi de 08h30 à 12h00 et de 13h30 à 17h00

Site internet :

July 2, 2023 @ 15h00 19h00

FAB LAB Effet Papillon, Les Papillons Blancs by Tiphaine Calmettes

Over a six-month period in 2023, Tiphaine Calmettes completed a residency at the Foyer d’Accueil Médicalisé du Relais des Moëres in Téteghem. The aim of the residency was to infuse the environment with the artist’s practice, but also to contribute to the life of the place by adding functional sculpture(s) with a convivial dimension. In this context, Tiphaine Calmettes explored how the artist can serve a community by inviting users to take back control of their spaces and produce their own tools, thus defining a unique aesthetic – in contrast to the generic materials, colours, textures and furnishings of the medical environment – that will change relationships and uses. The artist helped the home’s residents to create objects for everyday use in ceramics in order to
“from their bedrooms to their communal social spaces. Each participant was invited to choose which object they wanted to make from a brief selection illustrated by pictograms (cup, bowl, plate, jug, flowerpot, box and lamp), then to choose their clay colour from four suggestions (white, black, light brown, dark brown/red).

The artist’s intervention took place as part of the Art & Industrie Triennial and the residency with the Effet Papillon Fab Lab in Téteghem. The project is funded by the association
“Territoire Europe” association and is sponsored by the SYNDEX Foundation. With the support of Papillons Blancs de Dunkerque, Communauté urbaine de Dunkerque, Université du Littoral, Foyer d’Accueil Médicalisé du Relais des Moëres, Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso, Service d’Accueil de Jour, Association d’Action Éducative et Sociale, ESAT- Ateliers du Littoral de Téteghem, Ville de Téteghem-Coudekerque-Village, Conseil Citoyen de Téteghem-Coudekerque-Village.

→The work of Tiphaine Calmettes is accessible at the Relais de Moëres / Papillons Blancs from Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm and at weekends during “Drôles de fêtes” from 3pm to 7pm (2 July, 15 July, 3 September, 23 September…). 4 rue Charles Nova, Téteghem, information on 03 28 58 73 69.